January 25, 2017

Valentine’s Day Guide: Outfit Ideas + DIY Gifts!!

This is a super fun and exciting post because I got the chance to collab with some pretty awesome people. The star of the collab being my friend, and fellow blogger, Kelly! Kelly runs an amazing lifestyle blog called Kaptivating Thoughts which you should all subscribe to immediately. Her content is awesome and I’m not just saying that because she’s a friend of mine 😉 Seriously though, check her out and give her some love!!

Today we decided to share some of outfit inspiration and DIY gift ideas for that special someone in your life! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so it’s time to prepare! We know that picking out the perfect gift for your love can be difficult sometimes, especially if you’re on a budget. Fear not though ladies because we have some adorable gift ideas for you that won’t make your bank account sad. We also put together some outfits ranging from casual to dressy so you can be prepared for whatever your Valentine’s Day celebration might entail 🙂


DIY gifts are guaranteed to make your valentine swoon because it came from your heart! As much as we all love getting fancy gifts, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show how much you love your special someone with a handmade gift 🙂 Here are some of our super easy and adorable gift ideas!

365 Note jar: 

This idea is sooo perfect for couples who want to add some adventure and spice to their relationship because it encourages you to do what you write down, reminisce on memories, and let your honey know how much they mean to you! It’s super easy to make so just follow these steps and you have yourself an adorably thoughtful gift that’ll be treasured forever.

You’ll need:

Paper (I used white but you can use any paper you’d like), Scissors, Tape, Colored  Pencils/ Markers, Mason Jar

First you’re going to write the cover message so your babe knows what this is! You can write the exact message I wrote or change it up to your own words! Just make sure you write the color key so they know what each slip means 🙂

Start writing! Write down all your memories, favorite lyrics or quotes that remind you of that person or songs you like to sing together, reasons why you love them, and bucket list adventures you want to accomplish together in the next year! 

Have fun with this! As long as it comes from your heart and you personalize it as much as possible there’s no way the recipient isn’t going to totally cry. It’s so thoughtful, and definitely a lot of writing but it’s 100% worth the smile and kisses you’ll get in return 🙂

Video Slideshow: 

This gift requires the least amount of materials and will definitely be the best surprise. I made this for my boyfriend last year for Valentine’s Day and he loved it so much. It’s something special that you can burn to a DVD and have for just the two of you to look back on, or you can share it on Facebook for friends and family to enjoy your #relationshipgoals.

You’ll need:

Computer with a movie making software (i.e. iMovie, Final Cut Pro), photos & videos, music, and your creativity!

Here is mine from last year if you want to check it out for some inspiration 🙂

Personalize a photo with a secret message. 

For a framed picture that your guy will cherish forever, simply add a short and sweet note to the back of the photo before you frame it. I picked a simple frame for my boyfriend, along with a photo of us that I love on a night we had so much fun together so he’d be happy every time he looks at it! And if he ever needs an extra reminder of how much I love him, all he has to do is take the back of the frame off for a sweet handwritten note!

You’ll need:

Your fave pic of you and your guy, and a frame

Make a gift more meaningful:

If you and your love go all out for Valentine’s Day, amp up your gift with a meaningful and punny tag. When I got this Kenneth Cole watch I got for my boyfriend, I knew I wanted to attach a nice (cheesy!) tag that refers to time. I went with “you are my once upon a time” just to make this gift a little more personal!

You’ll need:

Your gift, a good pun and a small tag (you can even make it yourself with paper and string!)


Finding the perfect outfit to impress your babe with on Valentine’s Day can be a bit stressful (depending on how long the two of you have been together). Kelly and I have been with our men for a while now, so we aren’t ashamed to rock our pj’s and messy bed head on Valentine’s Day, but of course we want to look cute for whatever adventure we might go on that day 🙂 We put together some different outfit ideas depending on your style, the occasion, and what you’re comfortable with!


Dressy Dinner Date

This outfit is perfect for a fancy occasion because it’s trendy, sophisticated, and adorable. This nude midi length dress paired with thigh-high suede boots and a leather jacket makes for the perfect combination. You’ll look sassy and stunning, and you’re date will be throughly impressed 🙂

Comfy and Cute 

This outfit is perfect for a casual date that you still want to look put together for 🙂 I’m in love with this cozy pink sweater from Stargaze Jewelry! It’s so comfy and the perfect shade of pink! I paired the sweater with some dark jeans and these ADORABLE slip on sneakers from Steve Madden! At first they were really small and uncomfortable honestly, but once you wear them in they’re so perfect! I love this outfit for a more casual date! You’ll be adorable but put together which is a perfect combination in my book 😉

I hope you all enjoyed this collaboration with Kaptivating Thoughts! Let us know if you want to see more and what we should do next! We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day spent with the ones you love.

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  1. Heather Sconza says:

    Love these ideas!!!!!!! Thanks Dana!!!

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    P.S. That video of you two gave me such the feels!!! Lol. Seriously, you two are like a romantic movie!!!!!! ❤