Hey peeps! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, ate some yummy food, and got some killer sales this weekend 😉 I have a Black Friday Haul coming soon, so be sure to be on the look out for that! I got some amazing deals and I cannot wait to share them with you 🙂 For right now though, I’m going to be sharing with you five of my favorite outfits for the fall/winter! They are all just as cure as they are affordable! You guys know by now that I am all about being comfy and cozy at all times, and all of these outfits are sooo soft and comfy and perfect to stay in allll day long 🙂

Obsessed does not even begin to explain how much I adore this outfit!!! I have been in love with the off the shoulder sweater trend since last year, and not much has changed tbh. This sweater dress from Tobi features all of my favorite qualities in an outfit: pink, cozy, soft, affordable, and off the shoulder. What more could you want honestly?? AND I found these killer Steve Madden boots at DSW for about 60% off!! I am sooo in love. I plan on wearing them every day for the rest of my life. This outfit is perfect for holiday parties, or just when you wanna feel a little more fancy 😉 Honesty, the dress could totally be dressed down with some white sneakers as well!

To me, this outfit screams, “let’s get coffee and brunch and go shopping and do winter things.” I’m a sucker for slogan tees, and this one speaks to me on a personal level. It’s from Honeybum, and it’s absolutely perfect for the the chilly months because it’s a thicker material tee! I decided to pair the tee with my leather jacketfavorite jeans (similar), a blanket scarf, and some freaking ahh-dorable booties!! I cannot believe I haven’t owned black booties before a few weeks ago. I am so glad I picked these up because they are so comfy and add a little somethin’ somethin’ to any outfit. *The jacket, scarf, and jeans are sold out so I linked similar items 🙂

Okay, how perfect is this sweatshirt dress?? It is so insanely comfortable, and it looks sooo good on. It can be paired with sneakers for a running errands/casual look, or dressed up a bit with boots like I did! I ordered a size M so it was a little oversized, which is exactly what I wanted. I think oversized sweatshirt dresses look so effortlessly cute, and I’m in lOoOove.

First off, I want to sincerely apologize for my wrinkled skirt. I didn’t realize how bad it was until after I took the pics lol but ya know what, it gives the outfit some character 😉  Second, I dig this outfit on so many levels. I think it’s the perfect combination off sassy and fun, and I’m all about it. I paired this gray leopard print sweater, with my favorite denim skirt, and finished off the look with the gray boots! (I told you I was going to wear them forever). I added on my bf’s peacoat in the last pic because I was getting chilly, but it actually ended up looking pretty good 😉 *My sweater and skirt are sold out so I linked similar options!!

I would like to introduce you to the comfiest dress I have ever put on my body. This sweater dress is soft as a kitten, and you will want to cuddle in it all day/night. Like the other sweater dresses it can be dressed up or down, which is something I love. Versatile clothing pieces are the best, and when they’re comfortable and you never want to take them off it’s always a good idea to change up how you style them 🙂

I hope this post gave you some outfit inspiration!! All the dresses I linked are from Tobi, and speaking of which they are having an awesome Cyber Monday sale you should check out RIGHT NOW. Get shopping, babes.


I can honestly count on one hand the amount of times I’ve worn fishnet stockings in my life, and 99% of the time it was for a costume. I never really thought of pairing fishnets into everyday outfits, but since this trend has been huge lately I figured I would give it a shot! Adding fishnet stockings under distressed jeans gives your outfit an edgy, funky vibe in such a simple way! You can make them more subtle like I did, or you can go all out with larger holes in your jeans and the fishnets more exposed. Either way it’s a sexy touch of detail that will definitely turn heads and make your outfit stand out! For this outfit I decided to wear some distressed jeans from American Eagle and a cropped fuzzy sweater from Aerie to give the outfit a girly touch. I decided to pair the ensemble with some booties from UrbanOG, and I finished the look off with my chunky scarf from Urban Outfitters and this adorable backpack from Forever 21.

Fishnets would also be adorable with a cropped sweatshirt, crop-top, sneakers, and a hat for more of a “model off duty” look. Fishnets are super versatile and how you pair them really depends on your style and what you’re comfortable with! I know for sure this is a trend I will continue to rock in many different ways!

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Sweater | Jeans | Fishnets | Booties | Backpack (similar) | Scarf  (similar) | Nail Polish

I hope this post inspired you to step out of your comfort zone and try out this super fun trend! I know it can be intimidating to try out trends that are not necessarily your style, but that’s what fashion is all about! Have fun, wear what makes you happy, and be an inspiration to someone! Leave a comment below telling me what trend you’re excited to try out! We can encourage each other to try new things 🙂

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Also I want to give a shoutout to my amazing boyfriend, Nick for being the incredible photographer behind my photos in this post! xoxo


There are certain items that every girl needs to have in her closet. Winter is no exception to this fact. If you want to stay cozy, chic, and most importantly warm than keep reading this post for five must-have items!

This post is in collaboration with my insanely talented & gorgeous sister, Kristen! She did my hair, makeup, and pictures! If you want to see how she created my look, check out here YouTube channel and her blog as well! Leave a comment saying I sent you 🙂

Oversized Sweater 

Giant sweaters are what I live in between the months of November-March. I have an entire closet overflowing with sweaters because I can’t stop myself from buying more. It’s a problem but I’m working on it.

What I’m wearing: Sweater: Luca + Grae


This is a no brainer, but a coat that keeps you warm but is also stylish is KEY for the winter months. Jackets can get pretty pricey, but it’s honestly worth the investment. Chances are the jacket will last you a long time, and usually when they cost more money the warmer and better quality they are. So even though it’s tempting to buy a coat for $2o, it may not be the warmest! Make sure you can fit layers underneath as well to stay extra warm!

What I’m wearing: Furry Coat: American Eagle Outfitters (sold out😞) here is a similar one!

Boots/Snow boots

Another obvious must-have, but I figured I would mention it anyway! Crazy enough some folks go out in snow without the proper boots which is a big no-no! Keep your toes warm and do your feet a favor and get some snow boots! Usually people associate snow boots with clunky, unattractive shoes, but it’s quite the contrary these days! So many brands offer adorable snow boots that you’ll want to incorporate into your every day look!

I’m so dumb and I forgot to take pictures of my boots! Here are some really cute options though! 🙂




Blanket Scarf

These scarves are life changing. They can be used as a scarf, a poncho, a blanket, it’s incredible. I own about three and I love them all so much. They are sooo warm and because they’re so long and wide you’re able to layer them for extra warmth! It’s honestly a win-win situation.

What I’m wearing: Scarf: Aerie (original sold out but this is similar!)


Every girl needs a great pair of jeans, no matter what the season. Winter is the best time for jeans though because they make your oversized sweater and boots look a bit more put together. *Pro tip: wear thermals or leggings under your jeans for extra warmth :)*

What I’m wearing: Jeans: Forever 21

Bonus!! Slipper Boots

I had to mention this because I don’t think I could make it an entire day without wearing my slipper boots. I wear them in public as much as I can (they have a sole which is a huge bonus). Slipper boots come in all different price ranges and styles so whatever you’re comfortable with is up to you! I think they make the perfect addition to a snuggly winter night at home. If you don’t have a pair, do yourself a favor and buy one! Your feet will thank you I promise.

What I’m wearing: Slipper boots: Target (mine aren’t available anymore but these are even cuter!)

I had sooo much fun doing this post with my baby sis! Let me know if you guys want to see more collabs with her 🙂 We would love to do them! I hope you are all staying warm in this intense winter weather and you find my essentials helpful!

Stay cozy! xoxo


Hey everyone! Today I’m starting a new series I like to call, Spend or Save?. Every month or so I’m going to do a product review for an item that’s a little on the pricier side, and let you know if it’s worth the splurge! I know you might be thinking, “Dana, your blog is called One Broke Blonde. You don’t have money to buy expensive things and we come to you for affordable fashion”, and I hear you on that. However, just because I choose to buy affordable items 95% of the time, everyone likes to splurge once in a while 😉 I’m here to let you know whether these items are worth splurging for!


I have been loving the fact that pom poms are so in this season. They’re on shoes, keychains, sweaters, and hats! I’m a sucker for anything soft and fluffy, so when I saw that Steve Madden had hopped on the fluffy pom pom train, I was very excited. Originally these sneakers are about $90, which I had no intentions of spending on a sneaker. However, when Black Friday came around these babies were on sale for $54.99!! I was immediately sold. I knew it was a sign from the sale gods that I needed these shoes in my life. I saw the reviews that they were small and to order a size up, which I did. I was sooo excited to receive them in the mail that as soon as they arrived I ran up to my room, tore open the box, threw all the stuffing and tissue paper on the ground and slipped them on my feet. And I was a little sad. They are as adorable in person as I imagined they would be, so that isn’t the problem.stevemadden-sneakers_bryanne_grey-multi_sideI opted for the gray, but the shoes are available in pink and black as well! They are really soft suede, and the pom poms are super fluffy and attached well. The issue I have is the fact that they are SO NARROW. I don’t have unusually wide feet or anything, but these shoes are unusually thin. I also ordered half a size up because the reviews said they ran small, but I didn’t think I needed to order an entire size up! I do wish I had though because they rub the back of my heels pretty bad, so they are definitely not a shoe to wear if you’re planning on walking a lot that day. Overall, I would rate these shoes 3/5. They are so adorable and very well made; but the sizing is just not right. If I had super thin feet these would probably fit like a charm. Unfortunately though, I don’t and they are pretty uncomfortable. I ended up giving them to my sister because she has smaller feet than me, and they fit her more comfortably.


My final thoughts on the shoes: they are made very well, but the sizing is just all wrong. If I were to order them again I would definitely get an entire size (maybe even a size and half) up. If these shoes are screaming your name I would say they are worth the price, but be weary. I would definitely recommend trying them on in person if you can to see if they fit the way you like before you order them! Overall they are amazing shoes, and my sister is very happy with her new pair 🙂 If you have wide/average feet I don’t think these shoes are made for us. However, if you size up by a decent amount they could fit better. If you have thin feet like my sister, then these babies should fit like a glove 🙂 I hope this review was insightful and helped someone out! If you guys have any requests for a product review be sure to leave them in the comments below! 🙂

Have a fab day!