Sooo Valentine’s Day is today, and some people are really excited and some are pretending the day doesn’t exist. No matter how you feel about this holiday, you deserve to celebrate and make it a great day whether you’re single or taken. I know that Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year for some people, and to others it’s like Christmas only with more flowers and chocolates. This year, I hope everyone has a wonderful day despite any circumstances, and makes it the best ever. If you have a honey to celebrate with or even just some friends or even just you and your couch, here are some last minute ideas in case you’re stuck in panic mode with no plans 🙂

For Couples

Make Dinner at Home: Romantic, fancy dinners are lovely, but making memories in the comfort of your kitchen is even better. The two of you can cook up a recipe you’ve been dying to try, or maybe a favorite of yours. No matter what you make, it’ll be special and wonderful because it was made with love by both of you and you’ll have fun making it too! Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be giggling and creating something with your love and honestly, what’s better than that? 🙂

Here are some recipes from my Pinterest board for some even more inspiration!

Build a Fort & Watch Movies: We all have a five-year-old inside of us that loves making forts and watching movies on the floor with a bunch of pillows. Why not bring out the inner child in both of you and create the most epic pillow/blanket fort of all time. You can order some food, make snacks, gather all your blankets and pillows, watch your fave movie and cuddle all night.

Explore: If you don’t have dinner plans, and you and your bae aren’t in the mood to cook but don’t know where to eat, then play the left-right game. Essentially, you start off somewhere and go back and forth deciding when to turn right and when to turn left (no using your gps unless you get super lost) until you end up somewhere you’ve never been or stumble upon a restaurant you’ve never heard of. This is a super fun idea, especially if you and your babe are the adventurous type 🙂 Who knows, you might find your favorite new spot!

For Friends

Have a Party: If you and all your friends are single ladies, then there is no better way to celebrate a day of love than with your girls. Have all your friends over, tell them to dress up and have a fancy feast or wear pjs and order out! Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun and no that friends are just as wonderful valentines as a significant other 🙂

Have a Spa Day: Manis, pedis, face masks, comfy pjs, wine, and all the best movies and pizza out there. Have a spa day/night with your girls to help unwind and forget about all your troubles. Ulta offers some really affordable masks, and you can also find other reasonably priced spa essentials there as well! Go grab yourself some supplies and relax the night away!

Go Out for a Fancy Meal: You don’t need a bae to wear a hot dress out to a fancy dinner. Grab your girlfriends, tell them to wear their hottest outfit, and spoil yourselves with a fab dinner. You can all treat one another and have the elaborate date you deserve with the ones who will always have your back.

For Yourself

Don’t Diet: Don’t worry about the calories, don’t count the carbs. Eat all the chocolate you want, all the wine you need, and all the pizza you deserve. You have the right to eat and drink as much as you want (without getting sick of course), without feeling down about yourself. Let loose, relax, and eat the extra slice of pizza. You’re perfect the way you are and you absolutely deserve it.

Go Shopping: Valentine’s Day is a day full of love, and who better to love and spoil than yourself. Take the day to splurge a little and buy an outfit that makes you feel amazing. Get that highlighter that makes you feel like a goddess. You need to love yourself before you can love anyone else, so take time to be comfortable in your skin and get that me time you need!

Relax: You know that bubble bath you’ve been dying to take but haven’t had time? Now is the time. Go to Lush, buy that bath bomb, and use it for an incredibly relaxing experience. Everyone needs to “me-time” and there is no better day to relax the night away in the tub than Valentine’s Day tbh. You can light some candles, play music, grab your favorite book, and soak into the colors of the tub. Pretend your a mermaid or go completely zen. Whatever you decide, relax and enjoy!

I hope that you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love! Remember, this day is not about flowers, chocolates, or gifts. It’s about celebrating the people we love each and every day 🙂 Let me know what you guys are planning on doing tonight! I hope this post inspired someone and you have the best Valentine’s Day yet 🙂


I am so excited about this post that I am typing faster than I ever have before. As some of you may know, Soap & Glory is one of my favorite brands ever. They offer the absolute BEST shower gels, face washes, lotions, and more. Obsessed is a word that many bloggers use (myself included) to describe products we love, but I am truly addicted to this brand. They are so affordable, and the results I’ve gotten from using their products are amazing. Ever since I started using the Clean on Me shower gel I’ve received more compliments than ever on how amazing I smell (and that’s without perfume), and I noticed an amazing difference in the softness of my skin as well. I also have the Righteous Butter which is almost gone and I’m very upset about it. Point is, Soap & Glory has the best bath, body, and makeup products and if you haven’t tried them out yet you are seriously missing out.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

As if Soap & Glory wasn’t affordable and amazing enough, they’ve released something for the holiday season that takes things to a whole new level of kick-ass. Soap & Glory released a gift set called Soaper Spa, and as soon as I found out about it I immediately got butterflies in my stomach over the excitement. This INSANE gift set features three full-sized and two minis of the most coveted products Soap & Glory offers. Want to know the kicker? It’s only $40!! How amazing is that? I’m actually baffled at the price. I told you they’re awesome and affordable, didn’t I? But the incredible news doesn’t stop there. This baby is on sale TODAY ONLY for $20!!! LIKE WHAT SOAP & GLORY ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I never have luck when it comes to purchasing hot items. They’re always sold out right when I go to buy them. However, today was my lucky day. These gift sets are only being sold at Walgreens, so head over to your local store to check and see if they’re still in stock!! I walked into mine this morning, feeling discouraged because I didn’t see any. But then as soon as I was about to walk out, I noticed two, gorgeous pink boxes sitting in plain sight calling my name. I ran over and picked it up and stared at it in awe. It was like a scene out of a movie, honestly. I am beyond excited to give this as a gift this Christmas. It’s the perfect gift that any girl would absolutely LOVE to receive.

I hope you are lucky in getting this incredible gift set before it’s gone!! May the Soap & Glory gods be with you. Good luck, and I hope you have a fabulous day! Leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve used Soap & Glory products before, and what your favorite product is 🙂

These are the products featured in the gift set! If you can’t get your hands on it, any of these products alone would make a marvelous gift as well!


Get it here!


Get it here!


Get it here!


Get it here!


Get it here!

This post is not sponsored by Soap & Glory. All thoughts are my own opinions, but hey, Soap & Glory if you see this hit me up 😉 


It’s a known fact that men are hard to shop for. You ask them what they want for Christmas and they respond, “I don’t care, surprise me.” That’s not a sufficient answer though, and we aren’t going to stand for it any longer. If surprises are what they want, then surprises are what they’re going to get. If you have a man in your life who is difficult to shop for, here are some of my ideas for the various types of guys out there!


The Gamer: If your man loves gaming, then even though you may not want to feed into his addiction it’s something that will brighten his holiday. I know from personal experience that anything having to do with your man’s favorite video game console will make him so happy! You could ask him what games he’s been dying to get, or you can get creative and give him something a little different. If your man is an Xbox player, this is such an awesome, creative gift that will make him think of you every time he plays 😉

Click here to check it out!!

Click here to check it out!!

The Musician: If your hunny plays an instrument, wants to learn, or just loves music in general then here are some ideas on what you can surprise him with this holiday season!

If he plays guitar, this is the perfect gift!

If he plays guitar, this is the perfect gift!


Click here for these wireless headphones!

The Sport Enthusiast: My boyfriend isn’t a huge sports fan, but plenty of guys are! If you’re hunny is a big sports fan then it’s a no brainer to think of getting him something having to do with his favorite team, but that’s so boring. Here’s an idea he’s sure to love and never expect! Get your man a new gym bag and fill it with his favorite gym essentials; a new gym outfit, his favorite sports drink, a gift card to his favorite sport shop, his favorite socks, headphones, a fitbit or fitness watch, some gum, and whatever else he loves! (Shoutout to Pinterest for inspiring this idea:))


The Stylish Man: My babe has an awesome style. He always looks so put together, so for our anniversary I knew I had to get him something that went with all his outfits. TreeHut watches are the PERFECT idea for a guy that takes pride in his look because they are so stylish and look great with whatever he wears! The best part? You can engrave a cute saying on the back so he can cherish it forever 🙂

How awesome is this watch??

How awesome is this watch??

The Adventurer: If your man loves to explore and go on random trips, then if he doesn’t already have one a GoPro is a great idea. He’ll be able to document all your crazy adventures without worrying about carrying around a big camera. They’re waterproof, durable, and lightweight. The two of you will be free to hike, ski, surf, and document all the fun 🙂


If the GoPro is a little too pricey, here is an alternative for only $74.99! It’s very small, compact, and it takes HD video and still pictures. It isn’t as durable or waterproof, but for the price it’s still an awesome alternative!

Cheaper alternative!

Cheaper alternative!

I hope this post gave you some gift inspiration! If there are any great gifts I didn’t mention feel free to leave them in the comments! Happy Holidays and happy shopping! Remember the greatest gift you can give this season and always is love 🙂