The holidays have been over and done with for almost a month now, can you believe it?! Before we know it it’ll be summer, which honestly can’t come soon enough. With the holiday season coming to a close comes a lot of sales, and a lot of shopping. You guys know that I’m a sucker for both of those things. When I know a sale is going on at my favorite stores, I have to stock up on the things I’ve had my eye on for a while 😉 Recently I did some shopping at American Eagle, UrbanOG, Nordstrom Rack, and Forever 21! Here’s what I picked up 🙂 I am IN LOVE with everything I bought, so thankfully there is no buyers remorse because that’s just the worst.

As you guys know I prefer to show you guys what my purchases look like styled on me, but for this quick post I decided to just share the online pics and links with you. I hope this post gave you some fashion inspiration! I’ll see you soon with a new post!

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that online shopping is a thrill that everyone loves to enjoy every once in a while. I on the other hand enjoy online shopping more than the average person I believe. Shopping online is just so much more fun, convenient, and the feeling of getting a package in the mail makes an ordinary day feel like Christmas. There are also a decent amount of stores that are only featured online so you have no choice but to online shop (which is totally fine with me). Since online shopping is such a huge part of how I get my clothes, I decided to share my top five places to shop online! Some stores are strictly online only and some are regular stores as well. One thing they have in common though is they are all affordable because that’s how your girl rolls 😉

Forever 21

This one is pretty obvious because I feel like everyone between the ages of 13-30 has a thing for this place. Forever 21 not only has affordable prices, but they also have some of the cutest/trendiest pieces! I feel like at least 50% or more of my wardrobe is from Forever because I constantly find myself on the website browsing then falling in love with an item so I obviously have to get it. It’s a vicious cycle but since the clothes are affordable I don’t feel as guilty 🙂

Here are some of my favorites featured on the site now!


This store has quickly become my shopping destination for shoes. They are so affordable, so cute, and really comfortable! I love that their shoes are always up to date with the latest trends, and they also feature cheaper alternatives to more expensive brands! I have quite a few pairs of shoes from here and I’m never disappointed! UrbanOG also always has amazing sales going on and features some cute clothes as well!

Check out my favorites here!

Make Me Chic

I recently discovered this store while I was browsing the web a few weeks ago and I have to say I’m impressed! They offer really affordable pieces that are also super cute as well! I haven’t ordered anything from this site yet so I can’t say how the quality is, but I plan on trying it out soon! I featured some adorable pieces from this store in my “Best Trends of 2016” post!

Here are some of my faves from the site that I might try out soon 🙂


Tobi is such an awesome store for so many reasons. Not only are their clothes fairly priced, but they are almost always on sale AND if you haven’t shopped there before you get 50% off your first order! Tobi is the place to shop if you’re looking for a dress that’s made well, but also affordable. Tobi also offers really cute tops, outerwear, bottoms, and accessories!

Here are some of my faves on the site that you should check out!


Asos has been a go-to store of mine for years now. I loveee that their prices range from affordable to high end so there is so much to choose from. Their clothes and the brands they offer are always really comfortable, trendy, and just the cutest. A good ASOS shopping spree makes me really happy. They also have a lot of punny t-shirts which is where basically all of mine are from 🙂

These are my favorites right now!

I hope this post has helped you find some new stores to shop at! Let me know what your favorite online stores are in the comments! Thank you so much for reading, I love you all! xoxo




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I am so excited about this post that I am typing faster than I ever have before. As some of you may know, Soap & Glory is one of my favorite brands ever. They offer the absolute BEST shower gels, face washes, lotions, and more. Obsessed is a word that many bloggers use (myself included) to describe products we love, but I am truly addicted to this brand. They are so affordable, and the results I’ve gotten from using their products are amazing. Ever since I started using the Clean on Me shower gel I’ve received more compliments than ever on how amazing I smell (and that’s without perfume), and I noticed an amazing difference in the softness of my skin as well. I also have the Righteous Butter which is almost gone and I’m very upset about it. Point is, Soap & Glory has the best bath, body, and makeup products and if you haven’t tried them out yet you are seriously missing out.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

As if Soap & Glory wasn’t affordable and amazing enough, they’ve released something for the holiday season that takes things to a whole new level of kick-ass. Soap & Glory released a gift set called Soaper Spa, and as soon as I found out about it I immediately got butterflies in my stomach over the excitement. This INSANE gift set features three full-sized and two minis of the most coveted products Soap & Glory offers. Want to know the kicker? It’s only $40!! How amazing is that? I’m actually baffled at the price. I told you they’re awesome and affordable, didn’t I? But the incredible news doesn’t stop there. This baby is on sale TODAY ONLY for $20!!! LIKE WHAT SOAP & GLORY ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I never have luck when it comes to purchasing hot items. They’re always sold out right when I go to buy them. However, today was my lucky day. These gift sets are only being sold at Walgreens, so head over to your local store to check and see if they’re still in stock!! I walked into mine this morning, feeling discouraged because I didn’t see any. But then as soon as I was about to walk out, I noticed two, gorgeous pink boxes sitting in plain sight calling my name. I ran over and picked it up and stared at it in awe. It was like a scene out of a movie, honestly. I am beyond excited to give this as a gift this Christmas. It’s the perfect gift that any girl would absolutely LOVE to receive.

I hope you are lucky in getting this incredible gift set before it’s gone!! May the Soap & Glory gods be with you. Good luck, and I hope you have a fabulous day! Leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve used Soap & Glory products before, and what your favorite product is 🙂

These are the products featured in the gift set! If you can’t get your hands on it, any of these products alone would make a marvelous gift as well!


Get it here!


Get it here!


Get it here!


Get it here!


Get it here!

This post is not sponsored by Soap & Glory. All thoughts are my own opinions, but hey, Soap & Glory if you see this hit me up 😉 


It’s here! The holiday season is among us, and so many people are starting to Christmas shop! Every year I strive to be on top of things, and get all my Christmas presents bought early…but somehow I always end up scrambling the last minute. This year I’m going to work really hard to get all my presents bought, wrapped, and ready to go 🙂 I thought I would make life easier for everyone by creating a list of some pretty awesome gifts for those on your list!

Milk Makeup It’s All a Blur Set $48

This is absolutely perfect for any beauty lover on your list. Milk Makeup is a paraben-free, eco-conscious brand whose goal is to create makeup as natural as possible. This set comes with a natural dry shampoo, a face mist to set makeup all day, a gorgeous lip color, the killer Ubame mascara, stunning highlighter, and a micellar water removing wipe. Give the gift of natural beauty with this awesome set 🙂


MUK LUK Pennley PomPom Slippers $42

Have someone on your list who loves to be cozy? These slippers will be the greatest thing they receive this holiday season. Personally, I am a huge fan and slightly obsessed with fuzzy socks. There is not a single winter night that goes by that they are not on my feet. If you have someone on your list who is like me, then these slippers are the perfect idea! They’re just like fuzzy socks but way cuter, warmer, and they could wear them in public if they so please 🙂


Puku Light Charging Pack $49

If you have a friend who is constantly on their phone, then this is the greatest gift ever. This light (and adorable colored) portable charger offers a ton of extra battery so your friend can have as much talk time, Instagram checking, and video watching as they want. This little guy is super thin and lightweight, so whoever you choose to buy it for will have no trouble staying connected!


Mini Reversible Vegan Leather Tote Bag $44

For the fashionista in your life, this bag is so amazing. It’s only $44 but you get two bags in one!! The reversible style makes it easy to match tons of outfits! It’s the perfect size, and can be worn as a cross body or by the handle. This completely versatile purse is a MUST for the fashion lovers on your list 🙂


Mario Badescu Complexion Perfection Kit $36

If you have a friend or family member who loves skincare, this is the best kit for them! Mario Badescu products are very affordable as far as skincare products come, so the fact that this kit with three essential items is only $36 is so awesome! Whoever ends up getting this gift will have the most radiant skin, and have you to thank for it!


Cat Headphones $30

Everyone knows a music lover, so headphones are a really great idea for those who love to jam out. Of course if the person you’re buying headphones for isn’t a cat person then any pair of headphones is just as great 🙂 Skinnydip London has really adorable headphones and phone cases too! If you’re getting headphones for a man in your life, then I would suggest checking out Best Buy or maybe even Urban Outfitters depending on your price range.


Mobile Lens Kit $26

If there is someone on your list who is really into photography, this lens kit is a really fun, and different idea! If your friend doesn’t always feel like lugging around a camera, or if they can’t afford one at the moment then this is a perfect alternative! The kit comes with a fish eye lens, wide angle lens, and macro lens creating some stunning pictures and taking the smartphone camera to the next level.


Mini Suede Oh Snap Journal $20

For the writer, dreamer, and planner in your life. This adorable journal is such a cute idea for a gift! Personally, I have a bit of an obsession with journals. If you have someone in your life who loves to write, then you’ll for sure win the best gift award with this little journal. Pair it with some cute pens, pencils, and a candle and you’ve easily (and affordably) created the most amazing gift!!


Donut Mug $14

Everyone knows a coffee lover, so why not get that person a donut mug to go with their morning cup of joe? Pair this mug with their favorite coffee, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, and a coloring book/book they’ve been wanting to read and you’ve created a really thoughtful, coffee-lover’s dream! 🙂


S’Well Water Bottle $35

S’Well Water Bottles are becoming a MUST for those who workout or are always on the go. They are the perfect gift idea for those that are always at the gym, running errands, or out and about. S’Well keeps liquid cold for 24 hours or hot for 12…how insane is that?! So no matter what they’re doing, their beverage will stay just the way they want it allll day long 🙂

c1c3eadcbb9179eaa2a41fe23952e3fbLet me know if you have any requests for more specific gift guides! I would love to do them 🙂 What was your favorite gift suggestion? Leave it in the comments below! I hope this list was able to help spark some ideas 🙂 Happy shopping!!


For years I’ve been guilty of spending tons of money on high-end makeup products because I thought drugstore dupes just didn’t work the same. Boy was I wrong. Of course there are definitely instances when that is the case, but for the most part dupes are just as awesome as the expensive counterparts! I’ve definitely changed my outlook on drugstore products. In fact, some of my all time FAVORITE makeup products are from the drugstore! Not only do makeup dupes save you tons of money, but they also get the job done and still make you look as fab as ever. So if you’re interested to see how to get a full face of makeup/products for only $69.96 (vs $301.50) I got you covered!


This post contains affiliate links which means whenever someone makes a purchase from the link, I receive a small percentage 🙂

1. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil $26 vs Sonia Kashuk Velvet Lip Crayon $7.99

Both apply smooth. Both extremely pigmented. Both have gorgeous color range. It’s a no brainer! If you’re into spending almost $30 on a lip pencil, Nars is the way to go because it really is a great product. On the other hand, if you aren’t feeling the price of the cult favorite, Sonia Kashuk’s option is just as wonderful, and less than half the price!!


2. Beautyblender $20 vs Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge $6.99

An airbrushed, smooth look is something we all desire when doing our makeup, and honestly BOTH of these products can achieve that look. Beautyblenders have taken the makeup world by storm when they were released in 2002! They have been more popular and raved about by beauty gurus across the world in the past few years. Real Techniques’s attempt at recreating the fan favorite and Allure Best of Beauty Winner is totally spot on. Using both products, they both give flawless coverage, and make your makeup look so natural and beautiful. In this case, I would recommend the beautyblender since it is such a great product, but honestly it’s dupe is just as great!


3. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $36 vs Milani Prime Perfection Face Primer $9.99

Primer is key in a makeup routine to make sure it stays in place looking awesome all day long. So of course, the perfect primer is necessary to keep your looking fresh from start to finish. Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer has a clear, smooth consistency blurring pores and imperfections making your makeup apply nice and smooth. The Milani primer works like a charm too, for a fraction of the price. When I use Milani’s primer, my makeup doesn’t move. Of course it wears off after a long day, but it still does its job which is all I ask 🙂


4. Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation $46.50 vs L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation $16.99

Okay, so I’m going to go a little rave crazy for this one. I’ve been using the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion for about a month ever since I saw Jaclyn Hill talk about it on her YouTube channel and I completely fell in love. I always reach for this when I want medium to light coverage and my skin to glow. This gives off such a gorgeous glow and makes your skin look so healthy. I have not tried the Lancome Miracle Cushion myself. I’m sure it’s an extremely fantastic product, but the L’Oreal dupe is insanely awesome for wayyy less!


5. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer $70 vs No7 Stay Perfect Blemish Cover $12

If you guys followed me on my previous blog sunflowersforthesoul, you would know that I am completely in LOVE with the brand No7. All their products are just fantastic, and for really affordable prices. It’s a win-win brand and don’t we all love those?? The No7 Stay Perfect concealer does exactly what it is made to do. No one is perfect obviously, but this concealer makes you feel confident, beautiful, and hides any imperfections you may be insecure about. Dark circles? Gone. Blemishes? Donezo. Pair this baby with the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation ($15.99) and you are set for a flawless look. Because of the price of the high end concealer, I have not personally tried it. I know that famous makeup artists swear by it, and many have deemed it the absolute best concealer on the market. I would absolutely love to give it a try, and I’m sure it is phenomenal, but unfortunately a $70 concealer is not in my price range at the moment.


6. Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan $49 vs NYX Matte Bronzer $9

I’m a very fair-skinned girl, therefore bronzer is my bff. Finding the right bronzer is essential for me to achieve a natural sun-kissed glow that doesn’t look too overdone on my pale face. The NYX Matte Bronzer is absolutely perfect for creating definition, and giving a natural glow for an extremely affordable price. It’s compatible with many different skin tones, and it has a wonderfully smooth consistency!


7. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette $54 vs Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette $7

I am and have been an avid Urban Decay fan for years. I am in love with their eyeshadows and other products as well, but the Naked 3 palette has to be my favorite. I love love love all the pinks, creams, browns, and the romantic looks they create. When I found out that there is a palette that is so similar for only $7 I was shocked. Urban Decay will always have my heart, but Makeup Revolution hit the nail on the head with this one. All the colors in the Iconic 3 palette are basically identical to the Naked 3 colors. For a $7 palette the shadows are pigmented, last for around 10 hours or so (depending on your skin type), apply super well, and overall give the same look as the Naked 3!! I know not everyone has $54 to shell out for eyeshadow, so if you’ve been dying to try the Naked 3 palette but hesitated over the price Iconic 3 is the absolute best alternative!!


There you have it, a full makeup look for only $70!! That’s the price of one Clé de Peau Beauté concealer! Makeup is something lots of us are guilty of splurging on. It’s so hard to resist a product with really cute packaging that has 5 stars on Sephora and every beauty guru raves about it, but we have to stay strong. Of course it’s perfectly acceptable to treat yourself whenever you can, but it’s also nice to save some cash for even bigger more important things 🙂 I hope this post helped you guys find some new favorite products! If you know of any dupes I didn’t mention, be sure to let me know by leaving them in the comments!