January 3, 2017

Looks for Less: Handbags

Purses are more than just sacks that carry everyday necessities. They are beautifully crafted works of art that just so happen to carry our everyday necessities. However, even though we would all love to spend $2,000+ on a gorgeous bag, it’s just not reasonable or possible for most of us. I love designer handbags as much as the next gal, but I will never be able to justify spending so much on a purse (unless I have money out the wazoo in which case would be awesome). Since I’m a sucker for expensive taste, but can’t afford the lavish luxury of an authentic Givenchy bag I put together some awesome and incredibly affordable dupes! Now you can fake it and feel fabulous without completely wiping out your bank account.

I hope you guys enjoy this quick post and find it helpful!! Let me know of any more “Look for Less” ideas you would want me to do! Happy shopping and saving!

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 Original: $2,280 | Dupe: $27.90  Forever 21 

   Original: $298 | Dupe: $24.90 Forever 21

  Original: $1,795 | Dupe: $24.95 Dailylook

   Original: $298 | Dupe: $27.90 Forever 21

Original: $5,600 | Dupe: $25.00 Charming Charlie

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